Merchant cards FAQs

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What is a Merchant locked card? 

Merchant locked cards are either Debit or IO Credit cards which are assigned to a you or a member of your team, and which can only be used at one merchant that you specify during card creation. 

How do you create a merchant locked card?

Same way you create a regular card - head to Mercury and select Cards and then Add Card. You'll be greeted with these options:


How do you select a merchant?

You select the merchant from the drop-down menu in the Limits section when creating a card.

Note: A pre-existing card cannot be changed into a merchant locked card, nor the reverse. Screenshot_2023-01-10_at_11.12.04_AM.png

What if the preferred merchant is unavailable?

If you search for a merchant that does not exist, you will be prompted to request that merchant. We can't offer any sort of timeline on when said merchant will get added but we will try our best to make them available. 

If your chosen merchant is not yet available your best route would be creating a regular IO or Debit card. 

What happens if I use the card at another merchant?

The transaction should be automatically failed - which means you have a greater degree of protection from fraud and card misuse. 

Can the merchant be changed at a later date?

Once a merchant card is created it is permanently locked. Should you have need to change the merchant we recommend you delete the old card (or leave it on file) and create a new merchant card. 

What about Card Only Users and Merchant Locks?

Card Only Users can have merchant locked cards, but, they cannot choose the merchant. When the card is setup by an admin, just as they would limits, the admin will set the merchant at the time of creation and the COU has no power over this decision.

Can you merchant lock pre-existing cards? 

As long as they are virtual Credit or Debit cards, you can change them to a merchant lock card at any point. Note - this is not reversible. 

To do this head over to your Cards page and select the card in question. From the panel on the righthand side, select More and then Merchant Lock. You'll be prompted to select a merchant; approve; and then you're done!

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