Nickname my accounts

  • 7 mths ago

You can organize and personalize your checking and savings accounts by giving them unique nicknames.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to your Accounts page from the left sidebar menu. 
  2. Click an account to open the account details. 
  3. On the upper left card with the routing and account numbers, click More Options > Edit Account Nickname
  4. Enter a nickname using letters, numbers, or emoji, then save. 

The new account nickname will be immediately visible to everyone who has access to the account. 

Removing a nickname

Follow the same steps above, but when you get to the Edit Account Nickname field, just backspace to delete the current nickname. The button should change to say Remove Account Nickname. Once you do this, the name will revert back to the default, which usually looks something like "Mercury Checking ••1234."

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