PayPal Integration

Mercury accounts can be integrated with PayPal, as long as your PayPal account type allows you to connect a US bank account.

PayPal may ask for an eTeller ID which is related to one of our banking partners, Evolve Bank and Trust. Your bank account is serviced by Mercury, not Evolve, so Mercury customers do not have eTeller IDs.

You can still connect your Mercury account to PayPal without an eTeller ID - you'll just want to make sure that you select the "two small deposits" method for verifying your account.

Note: these deposits take between 1 and 3 business days to reflect in your Mercury account.

If you have any issues or receive errors when attempting to connect, sometimes using a VPN can help.

You can get more detail on linking to PayPal by following PayPal's steps here.  

More details about eTeller ID can be found here

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