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Some business services, like payroll providers or payment processors, require proof that you have a valid US bank account. They often ask for this proof in the form of a voided check, bank letter, or bank statement.

While we don’t provide voided checks, you should be able to show proof by downloading a monthly statement or using the instructions below to download a bank letter.

Downloading your bank letter

  1. Log in to your dashboard.
  2. Go to your Accounts page and click the name of the account you need the letter for. You can also click the account name directly the left sidebar’s Accounts list.
  3. Click More Options > Bank Letter from the account’s main info card. A PDF will download automatically.

What’s included in the bank letter

The bank letter includes your name, your company’s name and address, your account and routing numbers, your bank’s address, and the signature of a Mercury official.

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