Add or remove an owner

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When you open an account, you’re asked to provide owner profiles for anyone who owns at least a 25% stake in your company.

If things have changed and you need to add or remove an owner from your account, email help@mercury.com and we’ll be happy to make this change. Even if you added or removed their access to your accounts as a team member, you’ll still need to do this step to make sure their legal status is changed behind the scenes to match.

To add an owner

Email help@mercury.com and provide the following information:

  • Full name of the owner you want to add
  • Their email
  • Their title
  • Their ownership percentage
  • Updates/amendments to Articles of Incorporation, Partnership Agreement, or Business Resolution

Once we receive these details, we’ll reply with next steps.

To remove an owner

Email help@mercury.com and provide the information listed above, as well as their letter of resignation or Notice of Sale.

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