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International payments are often sent using the SWIFT network, which is a secure system that allows banks around the world to easily move money back and forth.

If you send international payments, one of the banks involved in processing the transaction may ask you to provide an MT103 document, which is sort of like a “proof of payment” that helps them validate that the transaction is legitimate.

You can easily generate this document for any transaction right from your dashboard.

  1. Log in to your Mercury dashboard.
  2. Go to your Transactions page from the left sidebar menu.
  3. Find the transaction you need the MT103 for and click on it to open the transaction details.
  4. Click the three dots in the lower right of the transaction card and select Download MT103. A PDF will automatically download.

If payment is still pending or is scheduled but hasn’t actually been sent, you may not see the Download MT103 option yet.

If the payment has cleared and you’re still not seeing it, email help@mercury.com and we’d be happy to forward the document you need.

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