Paying my IO Credit Balance

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Setting up Autopay

If you are an account admin you can set or edit your autopay date and source account by heading to the Credit tab within your Mercury dashboard.

When your application for IO is accepted, you will be asked to choose what day of each month you would like the full balance of your IO credit paid off. You will also be asked to select the account that you will be using to cover your credit balance.

If at some point this date no longer works for you, simply navigate back to the Credit tab and click the Autopay button in the top left, which will allow you to edit your schedule and account.

It is important to note however that in order to change your Autopay date you will need to have a 0 balance owing on your IO credit.

Paying off your balance early

Making manual payments to cover your IO Credit balances can be done from the Credit tab in your Mercury account.

In the top left beside your balance you should see a Pay button with an icon of a paper plane next to it.

From here choose the amount you wish to pay (it will default to your full balance) and the Mercury account you are drawing the money from. You will have the opportunity to review the payment details before confirming.

Your balance will reflect your payment and free up spending power once the payment settles (usually instant).

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