How-To: Set Up Linked User Accounts

You can link all your user accounts to switch between your companies on Mercury without logging out.

How to link your user accounts

  1. When you are logged in, you can click on the name of your business in the bottom left to find the option Switch Company. 

  2. Click Link Another User Account.

  3. Enter the email and password for the user account you want to link to the account you're currently logged into.  

  4. Enter your 2FA token generated by your authenticator app and click Log in & Link.

That's it! Once linked, you'll receive confirmation emails at each address you've linked together.  

How to switch between companies

  1. Click the name of your business in the bottom left, then select Switch Company. 

  2. All of your companies will be listed alphabetically.

  3. Click the name of the company you wish to switch to. 

How to unlink your user accounts

  1. First navigate to Switch Company. 

  2. Hover over the company you wish to unlink, and click ..., followed by Unlink User Account.

  3. Confirm to unlink the user account. 

If you want to unlink multiple user accounts at once, click your business name in the bottom left, and navigate to your Security page. From there, you can unlink user accounts individually, or all linked user accounts at once. 

For more information about the feature, check out our linked user accounts FAQ

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