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Mercury offers several different kinds of payments, and each have slightly different processing times. Take a look at our standard processing times below, and if you're still missing a payment that you should have received based on this, check here for what we need to check on your payment.

Important note: Transactions only process on working/business days (Monday through Friday), and not on holidays or weekends; if a transaction is created to or from your Mercury account on a weekend, it usually won't be processed until the following working day.


ACH transactions are US-specific intra-bank transfers. Most ACH payments are received within 1-3 business days, but ACH payments to/from Plaid-linked accounts can take up to 3-5 business days. This is because the other bank has to "respond" to the ACH request first before the funds can move through the Federal Reserve as normal and process to the receiving account.   


Incoming ACH payments are posted around 9-11 am Pacific Time, Monday-Friday. If you're expecting an ACH and it's before this time, it likely hasn't arrived yet.


ACH payments are sent via same-day service when sent prior to 9 am Pacific Time and less than $100,000. Posting times will vary by receiving bank but typically post later that afternoon. If your ACH was created after this time, it will be sent the following business day.

For ACH over $100,000, you can expect them to be received in 1-3 business days.

Domestic Wires

Domestic (US) wires are typically the fastest way to send large sums of money. All banks have a daily wire cutoff, and if wires are initiated before this cutoff time, the funds will be received later that same business day. As soon as we receive the wires from the sending bank, we post them to your account. Each bank sends their wire batch out at a different time. Domestic wires are same-day, but not instant.


If the wire you're expecting was sent before the sending bank's wire cutoff time, you should receive this wire later that same day. If it was after, you'll receive it the following business day. We receive wires from different banks at different times of day.

Examples: Silicon Valley Bank: received around 3:30-4:30pm PT

Wells Fargo: received around 6:00pm PT

Bank of America: received around 9:00pm PT


Our daily domestic wire cutoff is 12pm Pacific Time. If your wire is created before this time, your recipient should have their wire by evening that same day. If it was created after this time, your recipient will receive it the following day.

International Wires

International wire times vary widely as payments are not standardized across country borders. There are also often many parties involved. It's like a flight for your money—if they're large banks on either end, you can have a direct transfer that will be quicker. If you're sending from or to a smaller bank, there may be "layovers" (in this case, correspondent/intermediary banks) for your funds to go through that can make it take a little longer.


In general, incoming international wires can take anywhere from 3 to 9 working days on average to reach your Mercury account, and this is if all information is correct when it was sent. If information was not correct, it may be delayed extra days or returned back to the sender. To make sure your wires process quickly, you'll need to follow our international wire instructions.


Outgoing international wires have a daily processing cutoff of 9am Pacific Time. Wires created after this time will be processed for sending the following business days. These will also take from 3 to 9 working days to reach your recipient if all information is correct. Make sure you include a purpose/reason for your wire to ensure it processes quickly.

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