Guide to Authentication Apps

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Every time you log in to your Mercury account, you need to provide a second factor of authentication (2FA). Authentication apps generate secure, temporary tokens to verify your identity when logging in. Unlike text message verification codes, the tokens generated by 2FA apps can’t be intercepted by hackers. As an added level of security, you can also choose to log in using a Security Key.

Set up an authentication app

1. Download

First, you'll need to download a 2FA app. Here are a few:

2. Connect

Once you've downloaded an authentication app and set up an account, scan the QR code or enter the key code to connect your authentication app with your Mercury account.

***The above QR code is an example and will not link to your account.***

3. Verify

Finally, enter a token generated in the app. New tokens are generated every 30 seconds or so.

Important Note

Never delete your authentication app from your device. You'll need it to log into your Mercury account. If you accidentally delete the app, or get a new device, try logging into your authentication app account on the desktop website, or use a backup key to log into your Mercury account. Then, change or reset your authentication app on your Security Page.

Change or reset authentication app

If you want to change or reset your authentication app, visit your Security Page. You can get to this page by clicking the profile icon in the bottom left corner of your dashboard, selecting "Settings", then navigating to "Security" in the left sidebar.

Once you reset your authentication app, make sure you store your backup codes in a safe place; you can use a backup key to gain access to your account if you lose access to your authentication app. For more information about backup codes, see Guide to backup codes.


If you don't have a backup key and can't access your account, we can also manually help you reset your 2FA so that you can set it up again from scratch. See I can't access my Mercury account for more info.

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