File a Dispute

If you see a debit card transaction on your account that you don't recognize or think shouldn't be there, take the following steps.

Unauthorized or Fraudulent Transaction

Freeze your card through your Mercury dashboard. This will prevent further potentially unauthorized charges from going through. 

Please email or Intercom us. We'll take care of canceling your card, sending you a new one, and filing your dispute.

Dispute With Merchant, Vendor, or Service Provider

Contact the merchant, if you haven't already, to try and resolve the situation directly. 

Merchant disputes and chargebacks can take up to 90 days to reach a resolution, as the merchant is required by law to be given "ample time" to respond to a dispute. Because of this, working directly with the merchant will often lead to a much faster resolution.

If the merchant is unresponsive or otherwise unwilling to help, please email us. You'll be able to continue using your same card, and we'll get your dispute filed.

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