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We offer a direct integration with Xero that automatically syncs your Mercury transactions and invoice details to Xero and allows you to categorize your payments directly in Mercury. Once connected, all transactions will be automatically synced over to Xero. 

In addition, when you pay an invoice in Mercury, a bill will be created with the relevant information in Xero (including invoice number, General Ledger (GL) category, internal notes, and attachments).

Connecting to Xero from Mercury

  1. From your Mercury dashboard, click on your company’s name in the lower left corner, then go to Settings > Integrations.

  2. Under All Integrations, click Connect to Xero

  3. Choose whether to sync historic transaction data or start from today’s transactions.

Once connected, you’ll see your Xero integration appear under the Active section on your Integrations page. You can also disconnect the integration directly from your Integrations page at any time.

If you’re already connected to Xero but don’t see the ability to add Xero categories (your GL accounts), you’ll just need to update your Xero connection either in the Bill Payments flow or by going to Settings > Integrations and clicking Update

This integration only allows transaction information to be synced from Mercury to Xero. Any changes in Xero won’t sync back to Mercury.

View this article for more information on how to apply Xero categories in Mercury.

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