Linked User Accounts FAQ

What are Linked User Accounts?

Linked user accounts allow you to switch between any company you have access to on Mercury, without logging out.

With linked user accounts, you can:

  • Link as many of your Mercury user accounts as you’d like

  • Switch between your companies on any device you log into

  • Unlink your user accounts at any time

How do I link or unlink a user account?

What does linking another user account mean?

  • Logging in with any of the linked user accounts allows you to switch between your companies without logging out.

  • All of your linked user accounts will maintain separate company settings. 

Will other team members in a company have access to my linked user accounts?

  • No, your linked user accounts are only visible to you.

When I invite an existing Mercury member to my team, I still get an error that their email is in use.

  • Each user account that you link needs to be initially created with a unique email. At this time we don't offer the ability to use a single email to create login credentials for multiple user accounts. This means you or the team member you're inviting will need to use a unique email for each user account. 

Can I link or remove an account from the iOS app?

  • No, at this point in time you can only link and unlink user accounts from desktop.

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