What is the currency exchange feature?

This feature enables businesses to send funds in non-USD currencies. Your business can take their funds held in USD, exchange them at a transparent rate to one of 30 different currencies, and send that currency to another international account via the SWIFT network.

How do I send non-USD international wires on Mercury?

  1. Click the Move Money button (upper right hand corner) and add the name of the beneficiary to whom you're planning to transfer money. If necessary, add or update their bank details. Please confirm with the beneficiary that their account can accept the currency you're hoping to remit.
  2. Choose the desired currency from the dropdown options.
  3. You can choose the amount and currency (e.g., $1000 USD, £1200). We will show you the exchange rate, the fee charged, and the overall cost of the conversion.
  4. Add any additional details you would like to the payment.
  5. Once you confirm, your receipt and transactions will reflect the USD amount deducted from your account and the exchange details.
  6. Allow 2-3 days for the transfer to complete.

I don't see this feature on my dashboard. Why?

Please reach out to our team at help@mercury.com. We can review your account to determine if it's eligible for this feature.

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