International Wire Fees for Incoming Payments

Mercury doesn't charge any fees for incoming wires.

If you are experiencing an unexpected fee for an international wire, it is likely due to the way that the wire was coded and correspondent banks in the international wire process.

🏦 β€”> 🏒 (relationship with correspondent) β€”> 🏦 (full wire is received)

🏦 β€”> 🏒 πŸ’Έ (no relationship with correspondent) β€”> 🏦 (a fee is taken at a corespondent)

International wires often have to pass through multiple banks before they get to their final destination. If the correspondent bank does not have a relationship with the sending bank, the correspondent bank may take an additional fees during the transfer process. This fee is taken from the wire itself due to the way that the wire was coded. There are two ways to code a wire SHA and OUR.

*Charges Shared (SHA): Any correspondent bank charges that may be applied by the beneficiary bank are deducted from the payment amount. Sometimes, this may mean that the payment amount received by the beneficiary is less than the full amount expected.

**Charges Ours (OUR): The intermediary bank charges are covered by the payer and not deducted from the payment amount, so the beneficiary receives the amount in full.

If you would like to avoid unexpected fees, we would suggest reaching out to the sender and ask them to send with the OUR structure (if possible). 

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