Deposit a Check

You can deposit checks to your Mercury account right from your dashboard. These checks will need to be made out to the business owner listed on file or the company's legal name.

Checks can take up to 7 full business days to process and clear through to your account. Once you're ready to deposit the check, endorse the back and follow the steps below:

Depositing a check

  1. Move Money
  2. Add or Receive Funds
  3. Select Check Deposit and you'll be prompted with next steps

Please note that check deposits are lowered by default for brand new accounts; you'll need to fund your account and have some transaction history before they can be raised.

We don't accept mailed physical checks for deposit at this time, and they will be returned to back to the sender. To deposit checks, you'll need to do so from the web or your mobile app. 

If you have any follow up questions, feel free to email help@mercury.com.

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