Unable to Access Your Mercury Account?

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If you're unable to log in using your authentication app or backup codes, we can reset 2-Factor Authentication on your account. We just need to verify your identity to make sure this isn't an unauthorized attempt to access your account.

Please send an email to help@mercury.com with the following content:

  1. In the body of the email, include your legal name and business name. 
  2. To confirm your identity, please provide a well-lit video clearly:
    • Showing your face
    • Showing the ID you used to sign up for Mercury
    • Stating "I'm NAME and I'm requesting a 2-factor authentication reset for Mercury on DATE."

After we receive this information and review your video, we will reset the 2-Factor Authentication on your account and you will be asked to set it up the next time you log in. We also allow you to log in securely with Security Keys which we recommend setting up once you've gained access to your account.

Please note that if you are not a business owner on the account, we will have to reach out to an owner and confirm your request. We recommend adding the owner with their Mercury email address in the CC line of the email and asking them for approval. This will allow us to process your request quickly and avoid any delays.

Email Template


2FA Reset



My name is <INSERT FULL LEGAL NAME> and my business name is <INSERT LEGAL BUSINESS NAME>.

I'm requesting a 2-Factor Authentication reset for Mercury on <TODAY'S DATE>.

I've attached a well-lit video of me reading the script and showing the ID I used when signing up for Mercury.


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Need more help?

Email help@mercury.com and we're happy to assist.