Guide to Backup Codes

  • updated 9 mths ago

Think of your backup codes like spare keys to a house. You’ll need them to log in if you’re unable to access your security key and your authentication app isn’t working. When they’re not in use, store them in a safe place.

How to safely store backup codes

Save to a password manager - Most Secure

A password manager is the safest place to store your Backup Codes. You can download one or use a browser version.

Print backup codes - Pretty Secure

Print or write down your Backup Codes, and keep them in a safe place (like with a passport).

Save on your laptop - Pretty Secure

Save your Backup Codes locally on a computer only you have access to.

How to generate new backup codes

If you've used up or misplaced your Backup Codes, you can generate new ones through your Security Page. You can get to this page by clicking your name in the lower-left corner of your dashboard, going to Settings, then Security, then Generate Codes.

Make sure you store your backup codes in a safe place.

If you have questions or run into issues, feel free to email help@mercury.com.

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