Upload an invoice to pay a bill

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If you'd rather not re-type all the recipient info and payment details from an invoice you received, you can simply upload the invoice and let us do it for you.

Uploading a single invoice

  1. Log in and click Move Money > Pay Someone in the upper right corner of your dashboard.
  2. On the first screen, Who are you paying?, you'll see an option below the recipient name to drag & drop an invoice. You can either click this to browse for a file on your computer, or grab the file and drop it over your browser window. The file should process automatically. 
  3. Once uploaded, you'll see a preview of the invoice on the right side of your screen, and the Invoice details for your payment on the left. Review the details that were pre-populated, and then select your payment method, the date you want to send the payment, and the account you want to send it from. If everything looks good, click Recipient to move to the next section.
  4. Review or update Recipient details, then click Notes to add any memos or internal notes and specify whether you want to send an email receipt to someone. 
  5. Click Review & Pay, give everything one last look, and then click Pay to finish up.
  6. If it was an immediate payment, the transaction will appear in your Transactions list upon processing. If you created a recurring or scheduled payment (for tomorrow or beyond), it will appear in the Pending Payments section on your Payments page

Uploading multiple invoices

  1. Log in to your Mercury dashboard and go to your Payments page
  2. Near the top of the page, you'll see a callout to Drag & drop invoices. Select all your invoices from your desktop and drag them all at once over the browser window or click this callout to select and upload from your file browser.
  3. The invoices will be added to a new section at the top of your Outgoing payments page labeled Incomplete invoices
  4. You can click into each of these to review/update invoice details and set a payment method and date. You can also delete incomplete invoices by hovering over the rows and click the trash can icon.

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