Require admin approval for some account actions

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You can enable a control to your Mercury account that requires admin approval for payments above a custom daily maximum, team invites, permission updates, and more. 

How the control works 

Once enabled, the following requests will require admin approval:

  • Payments and external transfers above your custom daily maximum
  • Adding or removing team members
  • Changing permissions for individual team members
  • Updating or disabling the control

If you're already an admin, you'll only need 1 other admin to approve your requests. All other roles require 2 admins to approve each request.

You'll also need 2 admins on file before you can enable the control. If you're currently the only admin, you'll need to either invite a new team member or update permissions for an existing team member.

How transaction maximums work

Every day, an individual team member will be able to make payments and external transfers up to the daily maximum you set here. If they go above it, any additional payments/transfers will be sent to admins to approve. 

If you're setting up a recurring payment, only the first in the series will require admin approval. Subsequent payments are automatically approved.

The daily maximum resets daily at 12am UTC and doesn't affect internal transfers, debit card payments, or ACH pulls.

Enabling the control

  1. Click your name in the lower left corner of your dashboard and go to Settings > Controls.

  2. Click Enable next to the control and you'll be asked to define your daily transaction maximum.

  3. Your other admins will receive your request to enable the control. Once 1 other admin approves, the control will be live.


As an admin, how do I review pending requests?
Any payments that need approval or requests related to the control (enabling, disabling, updating the limit) are sent to all other admins via email. The requests will also appear in the Action Bar on your Mercury dashboard.

As a custom user, how do I initiate a payment?
Same as always, by clicking on the Move Money button. If the amount exceeds the daily limit, a request will be sent to admins on file for review. You’ll be notified during the payment creation stage if the payment requires additional approval.

How to turn off the control or edit the limit?
As an admin, you can make updates to the control by heading to your Controls page from the Profile icon of your dashboard. You’ll see a preview of the current control and the option to edit. Another admin on the account will need to approve any proposed changes before they are enabled.

Can I enable the feature for certain team members?
Once the control is enabled and the limit has been set, it will effect all team members on the account.

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